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Sunday, October 28, 2007 ; 10:52 AM
OMG! I forgot to post something here! Ugh! Why did i.... nah!

Well, I just want to show to you my birthday gift to my parents. Oh actually, it's also my brothers' gift even though I'm the only one who made these and thought of this idea.
Anyway, the photo below is for my papa. This was our desktop background last Sept. 16. Unfortunately, I wasn't at home when he saw this so I didn't saw his reaction. But my mama and my brothers told that his reaction was, "Ang gwapo ko talaga!" haha!

And this photo below is for mama. The same thing, this was our desktop background last Oct 25. She was surprised when she saw this. Her only reaction was, "Nye! Ang payat ko pa jan." haha!

Well that's all for now.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007 ; 3:53 PM
There you go! I just came home from UST! Today's our enrolment day and as usual, I woke up early just to get there early. Thankfully, there's an available van already and so I didn't have to wait for a long time anymore.
The enrolment schedule is from 9am-12nn but I arrived at USt at around 8:30 am. haha! Ang aga noh? But then, the enrolment started past 9:00! Damn! And we have to fall in a very looooong line! Feel the heat maaaaan!
Oh, have I told you that I want to take Korfball for my PE this sem? Well, when I looked at the list of the schedule for PE, and saw that the slots for the Korfball is already full, daaaammnnn, I felt so upset! And the only PE courses available are Fitness, Swimming, Folk Dance, Social Dance and Softball. Ugghh! I hate those PE courses! I don't want to take them!
But I have no choice but to choose one. Hmmf! So I chose Softball. nah! And while we were in the line, the man there announced that the PE courses listed are still available. waaahh! I immediately went back to the list and got a schedule for the Korfball! yee! I was so happy then! haha!
At last, after 10 years, it's our turn to get inside the Seminary Gym for the whole process and the process was like the enrolment last sem. And yuh, mission accomplished, I got the Korfball! wooohhh!
Then after the whole enrolment process, my ID finally has a "2nd sem" sticker on it.
I was so hungry after that. whew! I ate lunch before I went back to Cavite.
That's it guyz!

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Thursday, October 25, 2007 ; 3:02 PM
Oh maaann!! Another late post here. Well let's talk about the past.

Oct 19
I made a screenshot of our current desktop! At last, after 100 years I learned how to make a screenshot. Well let me show you that.

Oct 20
Since I already know how to make a screenshot, I decided to make a screenshot of my home in friendster, emphasizing the number of views. I got so many profile views from Oct 1 to Oct 20. Take a look:

Oct 21
I had a total makeover of my room 'cause it's superrr messyyyyy! That's all I did for the whole day!

Oct 22

My mama and I went to University of Perpetual Help System Jonelta - GMA Campus, where my brother studies. Their intramurals is now going on.
Unfortunately, we didn't make it to watch the opening ceremonies. Well after there, we went straight ahead to SM molino to buy socks and supporter for my brother. Yeah, he's officially a basketball player, at last! haha!
He's going to play tomorrow but I don't know what time the game will be.

Oct 23
My brother has a game today but unfortunately, I didn't have time to watch because I went to University of Sto. Tomas, my very PROUD SCHOOL, 'cause it's a "release of clearance" day. After I got my clearance sheet, I immediately went to the library to use the internet to view my grades. But unfortunately, the service is not available. Damn!
So I have to go to the main building and fall in line (a very long line) just to use the computer (the one and only computer working) just to view my grades. nah! I was really so nervous then. And when it was my turn and when I saw my grades, it's a "whew"! I passed all the courses! yeheeeeyyysss! My highest is 1.0 (English & Spanish) and the lowest is 2.25 (world Geography).
I'm satisfied with my grades since I don't have a 3.0 grade. And for a freshman like me, and at the same time independent, I feel so contented with the grades I got.
Before the first sem started, I'm not expecting a so high grade since I'm just in the adjustment stage and my only goal is not to have a 3.0 grade. I guess I achieved that short term goal huh..
Well, I also saw the courses we're going to have for the next sem. And shocks, we're going to have the "Asian and World civilization chorva"! I hate that! Urrgghh! We'll have College Algebra too and Domestic Tourism. Still, there's the English, Filipino and Spanish but the Spanish this time is Advanced Spanish.
And oh, We're also having the "Elementary Nihongo"! I'm so excited for that 'cause I already learned Basic Nihongo when I was in 4th year so I'm hoping that I'll find it easy next sem.
My goal for the 2nd sem is not to have a 2.0 grade. waahh! Do you think it's possible? Wish me luck!

Oct 24
I had a general cleaning of our house. I started in the morning and I finished at around 2:00 pm. Gosh! It's a tiring one.

That activities were the reason why I didn't have time to update my blog. haha! Forgive me guys.. Anyway, at least I shared what happened to me.
And oh, today is my mama's birthday! Happy birthday to her!

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Friday, October 19, 2007 ; 4:06 PM
Hi there bloggers! I don't have anything to blaaab about.

Well it's just a new layout I have here. And I also put new song, the "Bizarre Love Triangle".
I also put back my tagboard here. yey! haha! And don't forget to comment on my posts uh!?!

I hope you all like it..

That's all for now!

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Sunday, October 14, 2007 ; 2:15 PM
haha!I haven't made some updates uh?! I've been busy these past few days because of our final examinations. Oh well, I am now here in Cavite since thursday night! It's our sembreak already! Yey!
All I've been doing here is photo editing! haha! Edit edit edit.. walang kamatayang pag-eedit! hahaha!

And oh, we have a new dog! I'm not a pet lover but I like this new dog we have. Her name is Shaider. My brothers gave that name and yeah, they got it from that TV show something. She's really cute! haha!
She's the only pet I liked! Really!

Yeah, 'till here! I gotta make so many photo edits now.. ahaha!

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Monday, October 1, 2007 ; 11:47 AM
Whew! At last! Our PE's done! We had our finals a while ago and we had computed our grade already but I'm not sure if I computed it right. I got a 1.3o something grade and that's pretty alright. Oh well, my groupmates and I had a pictorial before we dismissed, of course it serves as a remembrance. haha!

I don't know yet wht PE will I take next sem. I'll think about it next week. haha!

And yeah, let's not forget my very friend Genell, with her arc.. haha! It's her birthday! 17th birthday! haha! tumatanda na sya noh?! yay! haha!

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