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Sunday, September 30, 2007 ; 10:42 PM
Yeah, we invaded Marikina this day! haha! It is our final examination in Tourism that we must tour a place in Manila, then we will present that in class.
At first, we were not organized about the meeting place and the time. We all agreed a night before that we will meet in UST at 8:00 am but it was not followed. I was with Pamela in Mini Stop, waiting for Monica. Eh kamusta naman, ang tagal tagal ni Monica, tapos nung nagtext sya, sabi ba naman magkita na lang sa Riverbank?! Sus! Eh ang tagal namin naghintay ni Pamela noh!Well, so we both ride in a pedicab to Legarda. Nung nasa LRT station na kami, eh ibang klase naman pala yung pagbili ng ticket! Vendo Machine! We don't have coins that time so we were forced to buy something in Jollibee! Ugh! Nung pagbalik namin, andun na si Shaine. Edi sabay sabay na kami papuntang Marikina. And yeah we had pictorial sessions inside the train. haha! AFter that LRT ride, we were like "what's next?"!. We don't now where to go and so we asked and asked. Until we rode in a jeepney to riverbanks Mall. There, at last, after 10 years, we met Monica and Jensen.
And there we go, we started to move around the Riverbanks Mall. In a Shoe gallery there, we saw the world's largest shoes! Yeah It's superr duperr extra bigg!!! whoo! whatta shoes maaaan! haha!
After that, we just roam around the mall, and there you go, Jensen and Monica stayed in a stall where everything's only 10 pesos! And they bought bought bought stuffs. haha! It was like we went there for shopping and not for our exam. haha! Yeah after that, we took lunch in Mr. Shoo Lee's Restaurant. haha! We made a video there and it was like we were promoting that restaurant. Everyone's looking at us. Yuh! haha!
Well then, we proceeded to Riverpark and had a lot of pictorials there. We even met a little kid who was asking for food and Shaine gave him a piece of biscuit. naks! Baet huh! haha!
Then, again, we don't know where to go! haha! We asked directions from the residents there about the doll museum. Nun andun na kami, may bayad pala at bawal pa kumuha ng pictures. Azar! But still we paid and went inside. And oh, sshh.. we secretly tokk pictures on some of the dolls there! Don't tell them huh! haha! We also went to the Jesus dela Peña Church and took pictures their. Then last spot was the Shoe museum, again, no picture taking allowed and we paid 30 pesos for the entrance. Unfortunately, we didn't have any chance to secretly take pictures there unlike in the doll museum. But the shoe museum is really amazing!
All the shoes were superr nice and we all wished that all those shoes were ours. haha!

Yeha, it's already 5:00pm then and the guard told us to leave now because it closes at 5:00 pm, so we did. Yeah, one last problem we had was how to go back home! waahh! haha! Again, we asked one resident there about the places and fortunately, we got his instruction and we came home safe. haha!
It's a very tirig trip but it's surely an exciting one. At syempre, napakagastos! Pamasahe ba naman mula sa isang lugar papunta sa panibagong lugar eh! haha! But I really enjoyed especially on the pictorial sessions we had! haha!

Well, I'm kinda lazy to post our photos here and on my multiply. Just wait until I post them all..

That's all! I hope I could go back there and travel other places too.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007 ; 10:40 PM
Yuhh! Katext ko si pre buong araw! haha! Belated celebration eh.. (of what? GUESS!) haha! We talked of this and that and everything. nah! Don't wanna mention anything.. haha! Labyah pre..

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Thursday, September 27, 2007 ; 8:36 AM
Ooh.. I miss making posts here! It's been a long time then huh!?! haha!

Well anyway, it's my cousin's birthday today! Remember Joannes?? The one who had his birhday last MAy 6?? He's his brother. Well, Zeus is older than Joannes.
And Zeus is also my fave cousin. Well, we don't pronounce his name as Zeus, yah know?! Instead, we say that as "ji-yus".. Getz?! haha! It's cute right?! nah! Anyway, today is his birthday! Let's greet him! haha!

And oh, greet me too! Oh noh, it's not my birthday! Just guess what's the occassion that's related to me.. haha! Isep-isep!!!

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Friday, September 21, 2007 ; 6:04 PM
The ITHM had a variety show today from 1:00pm-5:00pm. But we still have to attend our 12:00nn-1:00pm class. Shocks, it's our Theology class and today is the submission of the project and I still don't have any project! Damn!

While I was walking along España from 7 eleven, I was thinking of my project. I was looking around to find something interesting. I found this tree along the street, and because I was in a rush, that's what I chose to be my project. I got my phone and take a picture of it. I immediately went to the computer shop near the dorm to have it printed but their printer is in repair. Damn! So I need to go again to a computer shop near the St. Thomas Square but they told me that they don't have any photo paper yet. Damn! I need to go near the FEU to look for other computer shops. And at last, I found one.
After it was printed, when I saw it, shocks, it's unexpectedly nice! Yeah! It's unbelievable that I made a nice shot! So I was happy then that at least, I have my RUSH project now. haha!
Then I went back to the dorm to prepare myself for school now. And ywah, while walking, there's a rally happening! Damn! Those people who are so noisy but the president don't care about them.
And My gollie, when I was about to enter the building, I noticed that I don't have my ID with me! It's like a siyeeeeet! I can't enter without my ID. So, I went back to the dorm again. Hmf! I was so sweaty because it's so hot that afternoon! Hmf!
I thought I would be late but fortunately, I was not. haha! When I saw my other classmates' projects, damn, their photos were all edited! It's unfair! If I just knew that they would have it edited, I should have edited my phot too. I'm good in editing! And I know that I can get a higher grade if I edited my work. Damn! I hate 'em all!

Nah! Anyway, at least I followed the rule. And my photo is good even it's not edited.
We didn't have our lesson. We just submitted our projects and we immediately went to Med Audi for the Variety Show. As usual, Filipino time, the show started at 2:00 instead of 1:00. hmf!
Yeah, the show is nice altough there are some kapalpakan. It's all about the battle of the organizations in which every org should have something to present. There are also intermission numbers, like the professors had their sound of music. haha! And most of the intermissions are bands. Yeah, amateur bands but they're good. I even had a crush on DISBAND's guitarist. haha! Another guitarist of DISBAND is like EPAL, and galaw ng galaw, like that, papansin, you know. And we were all like, "yung naka itim na may pulang gitara, wag kang galaw ng galaw pwede?!". hahaha! And another band, if I remember it right, the Tomato Monster, composed a song for the ITHm entitles, "ITHM ROCKS". Yeah, it's nice and we all liked it!

Well, of course, while watching, I was eating even though it's prohibited inside the Auditorium. haha! pazzaway ako eh! It ended at around 5:00 pm. And oh, don't tell them that I immediately went out and didn't waited for the UST hymn to be sung anymore huh!?!..

That's all.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007 ; 10:22 AM
Yeah, I have new layout here! And I'm so happy today.. You know why, I have posted the codes for the comments link!!! [after 100 years of trying] haha! Well, I temporarily removed my tagboard since I want all of you to concentrate on posting in my comments..
And this layout is so cute.. supeerr! And the background music too, my supeerr fave WAIT FOR YOU! haha! adeeeekk!

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007 ; 5:46 PM
We watched a stage play early this morning, entitled "Unang Dalaw". At first I thought it would be boring because of the introduction of the Katipuneros. But later on, when the 3 main characters appeared and started their conversation, we were all lively! I then realized that it's a comedy. And yeah, we were all laughing ang laughing! They are really good actresses. They made the audience laugh. As in LAUGH! haha!

And oh, our professor in Spanish announced our prelim grade. And you know what, I got a 1.00 grade! yey! FLAT 1! First ever subject that I got a flat 1! I am so happy! Supeerrr!!!

Well that's all.

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Sunday, September 16, 2007 ; 6:14 PM
The UP won the 1st place, followed by the UST then FEU. Champion sana ang USTe kung di nalaglag ung isa sa pyramid nila. Pero ayos lang din, first year lang daw yung nalaglag, first time na sinabak sya sa ganun kalaking competition kaya acceptable naman yung nangyari sa kanya.

The DLSU's formation of the word "LA SALLE" was not perfect. Baliktad ung letter A at nagkapalit ng position yung L at A. Bale ang nangyari, naging "AL SALLE".

Other than that, nothing funny or exciting happened. All the schools are good, but the BEST must stand. Right?!

Well as they say, "It's better to be the 1st runner up than to be on a 0-14 standing." haha!

I got a video of their performance from Youtube. Galing lang sa TV.. haha!

UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe [1/2]

UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe [2/2]

And oh, I wanna greet my papa - papzy - fatherrrr a hafee burtdei! haha! Pareho kaming 16! yee!

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Friday, September 14, 2007 ; 5:43 PM


This is the newest commercial of Coca-Cola. Nandjan ako! Promise!

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Thursday, September 13, 2007 ; 10:24 AM
Elliott Yamin

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007 ; 8:06 PM
Hi there! It's been a long time then since I had my last post. Well, I've been busy this past few days. As in SUPEERRR BUSSSYYY!!!
I really miss this blog of mine, and I'll be missing this for another week since my schedule is so tight until this week.

For your info, here's my schedule for last week and this week:

Sept 5
- Physical Training in ROTC @ 5:30 am - 7:00 am (UST Grandstand)
- Practice in Folk Dance @ 7:00 am (carpark)

Sept 6
- Plenary Seminar @ 12:00 noon - 5:30 pm (Educ auditorium)

Sept 8
- Practice in Folk Dance @ 8:00 am - 11:00 am (carpark)
- Shooting for the commercial @ 11:00 am - 3:00 pm (UST Grandstand)

Sept 9
- ROTC Training @ 6:30 am - 3:00 pm (Botannical Garden)

Sept 10
- General Rehearsals for the Folk Dance @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am (carpark)
- quiz in Philippine History and English
- recitation in Theology

Sept 11
- Presentation in Spanish

Sept 12
- Chapter Summary Submission

Sept 14
- Film showing @ 9:00 am - 12:00 noon

Sept 18
- Stage Play @ 11:00 am (Educ auditorium)

Shocks! I'm feeling so much pressure! Heeellpp!!!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007 ; 10:00 AM
Oh yeah, I was tagged by JOICE and by BERN. I really don't have any idea about this "tagged" thigny. I need to ask them what it's all about. Then when I saw their blog, yeah, I got it! haha! And so here it goes.

Each player of this game starts with 6 weird things about you. People who get tagged need to write a list of their own 6 weird things in their blog as well as state the rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says you are tagged in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

1. Kinikilabutan ako pag nakakakita ako ng mga lalakeng nagkukumpulan, gwapo man o hindi. (Sorry, I can't transate this well in English.)

2. I eat a LOT but I don't gain weight.

3. I am NOT kikay. I don't wear any make-up, even face powder.

4. I don't like to make conversation with the boys.

5. Water is the only beverage I like to drink.

6. I don't get out of the house, except when I'm going to school.

So that's it. Now I'm passing this to EMMYROSE,FIONIXIE,JAM,KEV,NESS and TENCHI.



Sunday, September 2, 2007 ; 11:00 PM
We had a convention in Palacio de Manila at Roxas Blvd.
All of us don't know how to go to that place even if we have the map. haha!
I'm with R.A., Jensen, Lai, Roxanne, Pamela, Melissa and Jena. We rode a jeepney with a Mabini St. signboard. We told the driver that we are going to Palacio de Manila. And so, we are now relaxed. But later on, a guy passenger asked where are we going. He looked at the map and he said, "lampas na kayo". And so we immediately went down.
Lai asked one of the residents in that place if we are going the right direction. An adventure passed by and its passenger is also asking for the location of Palacio de Manila. She said that she's a parent of a 3rd year, the one who's organizing the convention and told us that why don't we hitch on her car. We don't believe her at first but then she showed to us a proof that she's really going to Palacio de Manila and so we hitched on her car.
Finally, after 10 years, we arrived at Palacio de Manila. Upon seeing the place, we were like so disappointed. It's not as big as a hotel. It's a big tent. haha! But it's nice. the venue is spacious and occupied all of us.
On the registration booth, there were men who were like robots. Like, those what you see along Baywalk, the statues that move if you drop coins. Yeah, you know that?! Oh yeah..
Unfortunately, very unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to take a picture with those guys 'cause everyone's taking pictures with them and I don't want to join them! LOL! I want a solo picture with them. haha!

It is supposed to start by 12:00 noon but it started at around 1:00 pm. Superr Filipino time! But while waiting, there were these two little creatures walking along. haha! And I had the chance to have a picture with them! Yeah!

At last, the convention started. And it's superr bowwiing! YEAH! The speakers were like talking and talking and talking in front! Damn! We were all hungryyy!!!! Until this ice breaker came, the Salinggawi dancers had and intermission number! We were all souting woooh.. yeeahhh! The crowd was alive again! haha!

Yeah, it's eating time! It's a buffet so we need to stand up and walk to the table, fall in line, before we can eat. hmf! I got a lot of spagetti! Yee! And a big slice of chicken full of gravy, two sandwiches with err spread and a tiny custard cake. Yum! While we were eating, these two gay stand up comedians working in Zirko, Clownz and Library came up stage. They are Vivora and Ador.
They are really amzing comedians. We were laughing and laughing from the start of their performance 'til the end. hahahaha!

Mayor Alfredo Lim is also present and he also had a speech but yeah, I didn't care to listen. haha! Sadly, I missed the chance to have picture with him and also with the stand up comedians because they immediately went out.

Oh, there's also a raffle but I didn't won. I want that flash disk! hmf! But we were all given souvenirs, a bag full of scraps.. haha! I mean, full of brochures.. and a pen! haha!

What else?! ..no more! haha! It's around 6 pm then and I was looking for my classmates who's route is to España because I'm living in España. I found Shaine, Monica, Jensen and Noriel. We rode a taxi then. We of course had picture takings inside the taxi. haha!

Whew! It's tiring but it's fun. At last I arrived in the dormitory.

After I changed close, Ate Karen, my room mate was having a movie marathon. haha! She decided to watch the movie Lolita because I was there. haha!
For all those who doesn't know this thing, Lolita is a novel witten by Vlasimir Nabokov. I've been reading that book since last month but I haven't finished it yet because of my superr bussy schedule. Oh well, gladly, Ate Karen has a CD of that movie so we watched it. The movie is in French but it has a subtitle in English.
It's around 10:30 when the movie ended. It's a touching story. Yeah, I'm recommending you to read the novel and watch the movie. Even though I already watched the movie and know the story, I would till like to finish the book because it is better if I'll read the book.

Oh yeah, it's long post again. haha! Madaldal talaga ako.. *wink*

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